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The School

KENZ International School started in the academic year 2012-13 on 25th April 2012. It is located at Yanbu Al Bahr with the motto 'CELEBRATE LEARNING'.

About KENZ International School

At KENZ the modern concept of education – child centred – is followed . Where there is a harmonius fusion of the hands on activities and experiences with the curriculum. By following this system , we are confident of providing the children with ample opportunities for effective learning. This system also enables them to become worthy citizens of the 21st century.

Creativity and innovation are encouraged. The capacity for problem solving is the yardstick of intelligence and hence our students are enabled to solve problems by themselves. The behavior of each and every child is positively analyzed and constructive solutions are arrived at. Attitudinal change, through special care is our proven experience.

No educational institution is more than its teachers. So, the school bestows the most modern dimensions to the role of teachers and pupils. The teachers and the students are constantly undergoing an affectionate interaction with one another.

Special features of KENZ

An ideal setting on the backdrop of the banks of Red Sea.
Magnificent School structure with spacious classrooms, corridors and galleries.
Dynamic and Professionally qualified teaching faculties in all departments.
Safe conveyance for children on board.
Hygienic wash rooms.
Indoor auditorium, arts gallery, library, laboratory, vast playgrounds in girls section, KG section and Boys section.

Our Vision

To manage a well administered school where well-qualified and passionate teachers are provided all facilities at par with the highest global standards in education through time-proven simple and effective learning methods and tools supplemented with advanced information technology applications and to strive to understand each and every one of our students’ needs and adapt thereto so as to create highly harmonious and greatly fulfilling experience to celebrate learning. We believe that in such an environment helps to raise children to be well-developed confident and responsible young adults who excel in their chosen disciple.

Our Mission

KENZ International School seeks to be the best integrated educational institution with regard to responsiveness, syllabus, information technology infrastructure and other extracurricular facilities to educate our students of diverse nationalities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop into able and constructive individuals by excelling in their field of interest while maintaining high values of our globalized world. To strive to make education a celebration of childhood of each and every child.

Our Motto

Celebrate Learning is our Motto Research proves that student engagement can increase student achievement while decreasing negative behaviors. If students enjoy what they are learning, they are more apt to process and retain the information, leading to true life-long learning rather than just memorization for an assessment.

It was once said that we remember 10 percent of what we read, 20 percent of what we hear, 30 percent of what we see, 50 percent of what we see and hear, 70 percent of what we discuss with others, 90 percent of what we personally experience and 95 percent of what we teach others. We allow students consistent opportunities to truly experience their learning and then allow them to teach others what they have learned will see great gains in their student academic achievement.

Message from Management

Warm welcome to yet another exciting academic year.

We believe that every student has a dream; a dream of his own and his world and work towards same with determination and commitment. Students should be cared individually to achieve his dream goal in school community. we ensure at KENZ that students are focused to be independently developed, sharply learned and exactly suits to compere with the challenges and demands of the world they are yet to deal with staff are with continuous enrichment programs to affirm that everyone maximizes their potential in all strands of school life.

Home/ school communication is most important part that parent and school should care on regular basis. We believe that keeping parents fully informed and updated in their child’s education will maximize academic and social developments.

" All of us do not have equal TALENT; But All of us have equal opportunity to develop our talents. Wishing you the very best in the forthcoming academic year."

Management KENZ

Message from the Principal

The Future Begins Here!

As the Principal of KENZ International School, Yanbu, I would like to write a few words to express my impression and expectation on the school. As a teacher and principal of different schools in the past, I know that KENZ students are good at not only academic area but also in sports, Leadership, and organizing activities. Apart from striving for advancement in academic achievement, the school also nurtures students with good and proper attitude and values.

KENZ is a dynamic and progressive educational institution that aims to provide the best possible education to the students under its care, set within the parameters of sound values and a disciplined environment.

Our objective is to provide students with the opportunity to serve, lead, and to fulfill their potential in all spheres so that they can take their place and succeed in the modern world.

My mission is to make this mega school an instrument and the means through which all its students may be able to build their future. We want each of our students to leave school with the values of respect, cooperation, persistence and striving for excellence underpinning all that they do.

KENZ is a friendly, vibrant, community-minded school, whose decisions always put our students first. My keen priority is to involve the parents and community in learning, developing true partnerships that value each student. There are many opportunities for parental and community involvement. We hope that through parental participation and interest they will also come to feel very much a part of this school and its warm and generous teaching and administrative community.

My priority as an Academic Head is to facilitate engaging learning programs that cater to individual differences and I want my skilled, talented, and dedicated teachers to devise and deliver such learning styles. As a 21st century School Principal and teacher, we have to use innovative techniques, rich resources, proven instructional strategies and engaging programs to promote students’ learning.

Let us aim to create a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment that is built on positive relationships; developing the whole student – emotionally, socially, and academically so that they will fulfill the motto of the school ….. Celebrate Learning. We believe to care for and appreciate each of our students as the unique individuals that they are, each with distinct talents, interests and needs, and each with differing learning styles.

KENZ is lucky to have a team of passionate teachers who ensure students grow in confidence and capabilities and develop the skills for the rapidly changing, 21st-century living.

I conclude with an emphatic message for my students: “Whatever you do, do it with passion for only in that lies perfection. Never allow fear or embarrassment keep you from participating in activities that interest you much as it is only in school where you can actually discover your hidden talents and find the real you. The deepest regret and repentance in life is always for not doing what you wanted to. Do not let it become a part of your life. Also never betray the trust of someone for that is the most fragile and precious bond of all relationship. Above all, never get so involved in what you are doing that you forget to enjoy yourselves. The secret of your success lies in your own happiness and well-being.”

I would also like to convey my message to all the teachers of this school to treat themselves as artists who paint a blank canvas, turning it into a masterpiece. The impression a teacher makes on young minds goes a long way in shaping their personalities.

We believe that every child is a winner and we will strive to ensure that they realize their full potential at KENZ. There is no denying the fact that KENZ has the facilities that are superb and the Managing Committee of the school is very much optimistic, dynamic, participative and creative providing direction to school, the teachers are highly motivated and we enjoy the expertise of a Visionary committed team.

I strongly hope that with a great team of teaching staff and excellent students, I will be able to ensure a continuous and sustainable advancement in teaching and learning at KENZ.

PRINCIPAL Bindu Santhosh

Meet our crew

Sabiha Banu

Vice Principal

Afsar Pasha

Boy Section HM

Sadhiya A.V

Kindergarten HM

Teaching Staff

kiran mukherjee


Rikaza Kiyas


Naziya Mirza












Mubtasima Yasir


Tasneem Rizwi


Ruhi Shonde




Nezma Naushad




Muhammad kamran












Non-Teaching Staff


















Manal Al Johani

Administration G.S


Administration G.S