Indoor Games Zones:

Billiards, Caroms, Foose and Table Tennis and many other indoor games and sports and provided for.

Smart rooms and Multi-media centre:

Interactive smart boards, overhead projectors, visual and audio impact accessories, computer with internet and broad band connections provided in all class rooms.

Math Lab :

Our math lab has props and items specially designed to help our students understand maths with visual and 3D tools.

KENZ Book House (Library):

Our book house is the focal point for each and every student where they spend their valuable allotted time for reading the world. The KENZ library program supports the educational goal of the school and encourages reading and learning. Compulsory   library periods are designed to foster in students an appreciation and life-long love for reading.


Einstein’s room (Laboratory):

Your little ones are initiated into the world of scientific experiments at our sophisticated school lab where all safety standards and precautions are taken so as to be safe for your children..

KENZ Clinic:

Our in-house medic will keep a watch on the general health and cleanliness of our students and take good care of minor injuries and ailments.

School Store:

We also have a store to provide to all necessary items the students may need in the school campus itself.


Computer Lab:

Our computer lab has desktops  with internet connections  where our students  make   good and appropriate use of the net . Individual student stations in the labs provide children ample opportunity to gather information about their assignments.