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Fitness is an amalgamation of extreme hard work and utter discipline. There is absolutely no shortcuts when it comes to physical health. To reinforce the importance of fitness, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lounged Fit India Movement on 29th august 2019.

 As part of this mission where the main objective is to encourage people to engage in physical activities and sports in their daily routine, CBSE  decided that each year ‘Second and Third week in November’, a total of six working days will be celebrated as “Fitness Week” in all its affiliated schools.

 Following the instructions, KENZ International School succeeded in implementing the main objective of the mission among the students to  achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

 ‘Fitness Week Celebration’ was initiated in our campus through the execution of various activities.

 First day started with “Yoga” during morning assembly, later the students and staff were given a proper account of information about the importance of fitness and nutrition in their life and benefits of following a balanced diet for better health.

On second day free hand exercises was added during assembly and activities based on mental fitness including breathing exercises was practiced.

Third day was celebrated with a ‘Poster Making competition’ for all students on theme “-Fit Environment Fit Body-fit Mind”.

 Physical  activities for all students including Rope Skipping, gardening,indigenous games, kho-kho  etc., was followed up on fourth day.

 A power point presentation of various types of exercises was shown to them on the next day for all students on theme “Fit India” 

The importance given to sports and fitness is most essential and such an initiative provides the necessary   boost for mind activation, team spirit and increases competitiveness, which is a great way to help people understand the magnitude of physical and mental health in their life course. 

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