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Dear Parents, Students and Well-Wishers,



A very warm welcome to KENZ International School, Yanbu, KSA,

KENZ International School( Ministry of Education License No: 325/S) is CBSE affiliated school,  one of its kind school in  this booming industrial city of Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located just 20km from the Royal Commission, the entire ambience has been crafted to promote individual excellence on par with global standards. The school provides a learning experience, which is creative and flexible, so as to be exclusive and unique , to cater to the multi-faceted needs of different students. We believe, that if a student has not understood a concept, then it is the responsibility of the teacher to be attentive and observant enough, understand the challenge faced by the student and thereafter by virtue of qualitative past experience, adopt proactive methods of imparting the true concept , to the student ,creating a permanent clear impression in the students mindset and phyche.

True to our motto, “Celebrate Learning”, we strive to make the formative years of  our students,  a celebration of their one and only childhood.

When a new school opens, parents are naturally concerned about the track record of the school, on which to judge its likely Success. At KENZ, we overcome this anxiety by planning and opening out  school with  a plethora of qualified faculty members, possessing both experience in the right measures and expertise in international education . Professional development programmes and peer reviews are fixed at regular intervals, so as  to ensure that, our faculty always remains at the cutting edge in  their  respective professional domain.

KENZ International school is founded on the firm belief that it’s students  will know  what they are learning, why they are learning, what they love to learn and finally how to apply what they know into their own challenging real life situations. This will be made possible by  creating a school environment that is liberal, open and compassionate, where trust, honesty, transparency,constructive opinions and suggestions lie at the foundation of all relationships within the school and also between the school and parents.